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Translation & Editing

I provide translation and editing services from English to French. My specialist areas are legal, IT and business, but I translate all types of text from menus to tourism brochures, articles for publication and short stories. If I am unable to translate your text, I may be able to recommend somebody who can.


[circlelist-item title=”Legal Translation” icon=”fa-gavel”] This is the main area in which I work. I translate all types of legal documents including contracts, court documents, proxies, property deeds and company Articles of Association.[/circlelist-item]

[circlelist-item title=”IT Translation” icon=”fa-keyboard-o”] I worked in the IT sector for 6 years for a number of companies and therefore gained a good basic knowledge of the sector and technical terminology. I have experience of translating all types of IT-related documents including software training manuals, instructions and tender documents.[/circlelist-item]

[circlelist-item title=”Business Translation” icon=”fa-suitcase”]Much of my work is in the business field, and I have translated documents for all types of companies including manufacturers, logistics service providers and recruitment agencies. These documents include company presentations, reports and financial/accounting information.[/circlelist-item]