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I have always been passionate about languages and other cultures, and therefore opted to study French at school and university. As part of my degree I spent a year just outside Paris working as a Bilingual Secretary for Alcatel, a steep learning curve both in French and in the professional world. After completing my degree I worked in the IT sector for six years as a Bilingual Helpdesk Analyst and Team Manager, for multinationals IBM, Unilever and LVMH, and American domain name registrar ENom. I was also lucky enough to spend a further six months working in Paris, which I now consider my second home.

I also speak some Spanish, and have a Spanish ‘A’ Level.

In 2004, when I was in my IT role at Unilever, I decided I wanted to focus further on my language skills, and began a master’s degree in translation and conference interpreting. The following year I completed my Diploma in Public Service Interpreting.

After taking on some part-time translation work from July 2007, I decided to take the plunge and go freelance in July 2008. Since then, I have built up my experience in a number of key areas, including IT, legal, business and corporate social responsibility (CSR). I have translated huge texts of up to 70,000 words and more. I have also begun to offer post-editing of machine translation in line with increasing demand. My career has also involved some ‘wild card’ jobs including translating a wine list with descriptions, and interpreting for a wedding with a French groom in Cheshire. Over the years, I have clocked up over 5 million words of translation and over 500 hours of interpreting.

I love being a translator and interpreter as my job consistently brings new challenges, and allows me to gain an insight into different worlds.

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