Experienced legal, IT, business and CSR linguist
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Rosalind Howarth Translation

Over the past 12 years I have translated over 5 million words, and have completed over 500 hours of interpreting

Translation and Interpreting Professional between French and English since 2008, helping businesses of all sizes to translate their business, CSR, IT and general content into accurate and high-quality English. Language expert for legal firms offering translation and interpreting in all areas.

Reliable, fast and high-quality translations and interpreting services

Wide experience in employment law, CSR and compliance, legal and IT/Web, including COVID-19 and GDPR

Extensive knowledge and glossaries of specialist terminology

Highly qualified with a Master’s in Translation and Interpreting

Proofreading and PEMT (post-editing) also offered

Face-to-face & remote (RSI) conference, business and works council interpreting

Court/Legal and public service translation and interpreting (NRPSI-registered)

Experience in higher education translation and subtitling for an international business school

I can also recommend trusted colleagues with other language combinations, or work in a team for large projects.


Written translation French to English

Interpreting FR<>EN Simultaneous Conference, Business, Legal and Public Service

Remote and Telephone Interpreting


Post-editing (PEMT)

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